Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Should a stroller saunter?

This last Sunday, September 3rd, marked the end of our GAS (Groveland Art Stroll) season. With three strolls this summer, it was a great stretch and super introduction of a new event to the area bringing oodles of locals, friends, family and new comers from miles and miles around.

We noticed however that not all the participants were strolling. Some were sauntering. We would like to keep this a strolling event open to familys and leave the sauntering for other days, or even the nights. Participants took home a great deal of artwork, artists gabbed and commissioned with strollers and merchants sold their wares to the town's guests. Restaurants had a busy day feeding the frenzie.

We can't wait until next year to start it all up again and hope to find a whole lot more artists to fill all the nooks & cranies of our cute downtown with their creative pieces and that those who so richly benefit from the event choose to participate in its planning and implementation this next year. Its a big load for one person to handle the whole thing.

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