Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The twittering Hotel

Yes, we do, we twitter daily and then some. check us out. Also to follow our online fundraising campaign for Camp Tuolumne Trails in association with the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce and the 49er Festival on September 19th.

Trivia Monday update 4/27

Another fun week of inane questions with equally silly answers. Our top two teams tied again, and Dave Purse of Willow Creek Winery was here to wave his magic wine bottle over the table that didn't win the gift certificate for the night. All are sated!

Six points remain between the leaders and pending absences have been reported. Some are demurring their intensions and the tension is building. Next week will hold the truths!

Good luck ladies and gentlemen!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trivia Results, 4/20

Another rousing game. Lots of players this week as we had the 21 bicyclist who heroically climbed Priest Grade or Wards Ferry to get to us from Oakdale. These folks start every year from Livermore with an overnight in Oakdale, then the Hotel Charlotte in Groveland and on to Yosemite for two days and then back to home. WOW! Very impressive. One of their trivia teams came in on a three way tie for third and the other team had fun.

This week the Cindi, Jim, Bonnie & Wayne team again took first place, by 2 points. Congratulations. The spread is now 6 points between the leaders of this team and Patti, but absenses have been announced and that opens the whole thing up to our second tier of players for the Grand Prize money!

Aren't we having fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Support Cherylann, Hotel Jeffery

Hello friends,
Sunday was a fundraiser for Cherylann Schimmelfennig, of the Hotel Jeffery. She has had a difficult medical year having recently been diagnosed with cancer. Her story is online at If you didn't make it to the event, but want to help, please consider sending a check or using the paypal account they have setup at the website.
Cherylann and Peter have been supporters of Groveland since they bought the Hotel Jeffery nearly 6 years ago. They have participated in every Chili Cookoff, many of the 49er Parades, several of the STCHS wine and appetizers on the Lake programs and Cherylann has been a director on the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors for many years and I am sure there are a whole lot of things they have done for Groveland that I don't even know about to relate here.
I was thrilled to see so many Groveland folks there, thank you for participating, it means the world to Cherylann and Peter.
Lynn & Victor
Hotel Charlotte

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hotel Charlotte weekly menu 4/16

Hello Friends,
What a week. We were "bombarded" with trivia players on Monday, Hetchy and Rotary on Tuesday and beautiful weather all week long, a bit chilly in the am, but nothing we can't sleep through! Goose is running for Honorary Mayor again and will be sparring against Jack Slocombe, campaign manager and wordsmith for Barry Scales, the other announced candidate. It will be a grand competition again this year. Has your club found a candidate yet?
Fresh Fish of the Week
Thursday will be Halibut, Friday and Saturday will be Salmon

Lamb Shank
Simmered all day with Victor's secret seasonings. Big and delicious, we call this the Barney Rubble!

Seafood Pasta
Shrimp, crab, clams and fresh fish in a white wine sauce with a touch of marinara served over linguini

3– courses, $24.95 or order these dinners ala Carte, $19.95

Note that we have the Cabaret Charlotte with Dennis Brown & Friends, Sierra Sounds on Sunday night, the show is sold out, so please plan on joining us on Thursday-Saturday for our regular menu, Mondays for our trivia & special menu or Tuesday and Wednesday for our wine tasting and lite bites.

See you Soon!
Lynn & Victor
Reservations encouraged: 209-962-6455

Coming up:
Metz Mania Photography Show: Yosemite Seasons & Sierra Springs Sunday, 4/26 from noon to 4pm. Meet the photographer and enjoy great savings and giveaways.

Wine Immersion Days, April 26th & 27th. Mark your calendars! Dave Purse of Willow Creek winery in El Dorado County joins us for two days of events: Reception, dinner and picnic in Yosemite followed by a wine team at trivia on Monday night. Details online,

Daily Wine Tasting at the Charlotte, a tradition of Wine, Food & Fun! Serving a Lite Bites menu from 11:30 daily and on nights our restaurant is traditionally closed.

4/17 & 18 Live at the Iron Door Saloon: Jake Mackey & the Muddy Suns More info, contact Chris 209.962.8904. Live music on the weekends at the Iron Door. Enjoy great rock & roll, dance music, sometimes blues...a collection of styles!

4/18 19th Hole Lounge: Rockslide at Pine Mountain Lake Country Club Free More info, contact Charlie 209.962.8636. Open to the public, The 19th Hole Lounge offers entertainment throughout the year including most Saturdays and holidays

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mensa Mondays Trivia Score update

We had a blast, or half a blast as it might be for those who were here! First the scores then a bit of banter about the evening!

Monday's game was the first where we had a run-away score with the lead team finishing 5 points ahead of the next closest follower. (Cindi & Jim, there was a scoring problem on the photos page that I have corrected. There were 13 questions on the page, 2 wrong is 11 right. Your score keeper used my recopied, but not corrected number 20 as count of questions, subtracted 2 and gave you an 18 instead of an 11, but all is right now) Patti, this should make you grin. Spread between the top players is now 4 points.

There are 4 contenders following closely behind this lead will come down to attendance! Roy, Rita, Amanda and Jim of the Hetchy group. Good luck!

Now, on the the Other Event of the evening! Due to forces beyond our control the highway was closed to our west blocking off access to Pine Mountain Lake where our Trivia players, local dinner guests and my whole staff live. While updates throughout the evening indicated there would soon be a change in status, it dragged out to midnight before the road was reopened. During that time we a dinner party of 10 with 4 adults and 6 kids. When they finished in the restaurant I gave them a room key to our largest room so they could hang out, watch TV and just enjoy each others company. Three of our staff ended up staying the night with us too.

Between entertainment sets by Goose as he ran through all of this new tricks, Victor's antics and the best of Lynn's jokes our guests played the real trivia pursuit. I don't think it was nearly as fun as the game I produce each week!

Here is my favorite trivia question, and one I made up all by myself when the players took a private vote and told me no more anagrams....Okay, so math problems it is!
  • If I woke up in Wisconsin on Sunday at 9:30am
  • Arrived in San Francisco at 11:30pm
  • Checked into my hotel at 12:30am
  • Went to sleep at 2:30am
  • And arrived back at groveland at 9:00am Monday morning
  • What is my middle name?

I bet you thought I was going to ask a differnt question! This is the kind of inane fun we have.

Alas, the road opened and all were off....Just when I was getting my 4th wind. May we never have the same situation that brought us all together Monday, but another get together would always be welcome!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Trivia update, 4-6

Ah...the plot thinkens, the scores even closer and the leaders have whispered they may have to miss a night. That puts lots of folks back into the running!

Winners Roy, Rita & Ben, a second win for this team. Congratulations!

We had a great showing tonight with our regulars and 5 week guests: Glenn, Dan & Jim and several tables of visitors and first timers. We were even playing both dining rooms.

See you all again next week.