Thursday, April 26, 2007

They want to pay to be linked from Hotel Charlotte?

Imagine my surprise when I received a post from a complete stranger earlier this month asking if I might link to his site and he would pay me $50. I was thrilled! How fun to have a website where folks are offering me money for a link from. Yipppeeee, Hotel Charlotte goes big time, look out Google!

Since I was in the midst of a remodel, putting a new face on the website and updating the content I waited until I was finished to add this new link. As I reviewed the inquiry I found that the gentleman wanted me to link the text: Yosemite Falls on the Hotel Charlotte Yosemite page to his page about water fountains. Instead I gave him a link on the left by the highlight and navigation bar and sent him a lovely post with the link included. Well turns out he only wants a link where he said...again came that generous offer of $50.

It has now been a week of pondering this link positioning problem and I just wrote my new link buddy back and said no....I know what I would think if I was researching my Yosemite trip and the link for Yosemite Falls took me to a fountain sales page. I would think the owner of the site wasn't really that interested in providing relevant content and I would leave for somewhere else on the www no longer trusting this sites integrity.

I hope that the visitors to the Hotel Charlotte website always feel they are getting good information. Please let me know if you are looking for a fountain, I do have a good resource for this.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A pleasure

It is always such a pleasure when someone does something unexpected that is of great benefit to you. Thanks Kevin for your blog post about the Hotel Charlotte!

Those of you who might be unfamiliar with Kevin Saitta's Photography, take a moment to see what he's up to. His work is all black and white and often brilliant. Take a look particularly at his portfolio pieces, one on Bodie and one on Trains. If I had the right architecture, I could easily see both of these in my home.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

There is ART in Groveland, on the way to Yosemite

This quaint gold mining town at the edge of the Sierras has much more to offer the passerby than a node on the history ruler. Groveland is fast becoming known as a cultural Mecca for quality art, music, theater and food all served in a setting that could be described as off-off-Broadway! We hope that this series of articles starting with "Art" will entice folks to stop for a bit, a bite or an overnight.

Where is Art in Groveland?
In search of Art, we start with our new gallery in town. Opened less than a year, the White Wolf Gallery is popular with artists and art aficionados for their ever rotating selection of pieces from photographs to sculptures and nature oils with homemade frames that are as much about the piece as the picture itself. They carry works from every price range from under-a-$1 postcards to sculptures in the 4 figures. In season White Wolf Gallery is open later on the weekends providing a great pre-dinner activity for those staying the night. You can contact the gallery at 209.962.0342.

Mountain Sage, on the west side of town, is not only the home gallery for owner-artist, Rob Hirsch and his brilliant photographs, but the business itself a work of art. Rob, with his wife Regina, has dedicated five years to creating a setting that is a rightfully a destination; from the eclectic Hammock Garden to the natural outdoor amphitheater, the map room, crafts center, book nook, free WiFi access, organic coffee impromptu sing-a-longs, movie marathons and so much more. One can quickly lose themselves nestled here with vision of Rob's photographs, a few daydreams and a Frisbee. 209.962.4686

Another place you could look for art in Groveland is at the Hotel Charlotte. Lynn and Victor don't just care for overnight visitors and dining guests but now attend to providing pleasing visuals to accompany your Charlotte experience. Local artists have come to find the Hotel Charlotte "The Place to Hang" for exposure and sales. Guests who have dined at the Charlotte will recognize the crisp photographs of local scenery by Terri Metz. Terri regularly rotates her images to match the seasons. Last week she retired a series of winter snowscapes and installed an aerial pictorial that follows from Moccasin through Groveland and over Pine Mountain Lake.

The Hotel Charlotte is the permanent gallery of Sierra Professional Artists. The monthly rotation in the front lobbies of works by various member artists of the Sierra Professional Artist association has yielded some lovely original watercolors, oils and collage pieces. The Hotel Charlotte website,, provides a sampling of the artists' works and background information on those who have shown and those who are coming up in 2007. 209.962.6455

Expanding on Art in the Charlotte and with the backing of the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce, Lynn orchestrated the first Groveland Art Stroll (GAS). This event was held on the Sunday of 4th of July weekend and matched local artists with retailers and with a good marketing blitz, got folks out and about mingling, browsing and buying. The event was given 5 stars by participating retailers, artists and participants. In 2006 the program was expanded to include all the Sundays of our big holiday weekends: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

For the 2007 season this tradition continues on the Sundays of May 27th, July 1st and September 2nd. With White Wolf Gallery, in their unique position of drawing on a broader field of artists, visitors can expect more artists, bigger canopies & tents, refreshments and specials from local restaurants and retailer discounts. Interested artists, crafts persons, jewelers, sculptors and retailers are encouraged to get involved. Please phone 208.962.0342 for an information packet.

The Sierra Professional Artists have long held their annual show at the Groveland Hotel, now scheduled for Sunday, July 1st, which balances nicely with the Groveland Art Stroll. The garden space provided by the Groveland Hotel is a perfect setting for the many pieces you will find on display and for sale. Funds from the art raffles benefit the local school's art programs. The Groveland Hotel provides a warm setting for lunch, art, music and wine in the garden. 209.962.4000

The success of the Art Strolls has fostered an additional downtown event using the retail district to display quilts. On June 9th the Quilters guild is hosting their first Groveland Quilt Stroll (GQs). The 80+ member group has enough artistic quilts to hang the town from end to end. What a colorful day this will be. Demonstrations and food will also be available at the lower section of Mary Laveroni Community Park. 209.962.4950

Put Groveland on your list of things to do, either as a special event day or on the way to Yosemite and remember, when strolling through downtown Groveland, Lynn and Victor invite you make a stop at the Hotel Charlotte to see what's hanging; on the walls, in the halls, around the dining rooms.

Writing articles on Groveland and the Region

So, while this blog has languished without entries for a while, it doesn't mean I haven't been busy writing. I found a new marketing idea and have been trying it out of late...writing articles. I have 10 submitted and 9 approved. I think the 10th is a big deal so they are really checking it out closesly. It is very rewarding to write, post and then find your article out over the internet in neat new places. Viral Marketing. Cool stuff. Feel free to check out the articles, mostly Groveland/Sierra related.