Thursday, April 26, 2007

They want to pay to be linked from Hotel Charlotte?

Imagine my surprise when I received a post from a complete stranger earlier this month asking if I might link to his site and he would pay me $50. I was thrilled! How fun to have a website where folks are offering me money for a link from. Yipppeeee, Hotel Charlotte goes big time, look out Google!

Since I was in the midst of a remodel, putting a new face on the website and updating the content I waited until I was finished to add this new link. As I reviewed the inquiry I found that the gentleman wanted me to link the text: Yosemite Falls on the Hotel Charlotte Yosemite page to his page about water fountains. Instead I gave him a link on the left by the highlight and navigation bar and sent him a lovely post with the link included. Well turns out he only wants a link where he said...again came that generous offer of $50.

It has now been a week of pondering this link positioning problem and I just wrote my new link buddy back and said no....I know what I would think if I was researching my Yosemite trip and the link for Yosemite Falls took me to a fountain sales page. I would think the owner of the site wasn't really that interested in providing relevant content and I would leave for somewhere else on the www no longer trusting this sites integrity.

I hope that the visitors to the Hotel Charlotte website always feel they are getting good information. Please let me know if you are looking for a fountain, I do have a good resource for this.

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