Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kitchy Gift Season

Well, it is that time of year again, time for gift giving and we couldn't be more pleased with this year's selection of Kitchy Gifts from the Hotel Charlotte. This year we have added beer glasses to our collection of Hotel Charlotte etched glassware. The beer glasses join the wine glasses and coffee cups all priced at $6 for one or 2 for $10.

We have also added a fantastic new book by Jan Irene Atchinson, Oysters on the Half Shell, Historic Hotels of the Mother Lode and the Recipes that Made them Famous. A mouthful of a title, but a really great little book. Jan does a fantastic job capturing the spirit of these old places, especially the Hotel Charlotte where she makes the memory of Hotel Dog Bob playing the piano come alive.

These new gifts join our old funk, the license plate holder, Hotel Charlotte logoed tshirts, the I survived Priest Grade Tshirt and the I Love Inns bed and breakfast book with the buy one night, get one night free coupon for your traveling friends!

And, this year we have the clocks, dozens of antique clocks. Now, Victor isn't interested in selling all of them, some have become personal favorites but there are a good number that he would talk to you about if you were interested. So come take a look, you can enjoy our buy one clock, get a night free at the hotel special. Call for details. 209-962-6455

Happy Holidays All!
Lynn & Victor
Hotel Charlote, On the way to Yosemite

PS: I forgot to mention the number one best seller! Gift Certificates. This year, buy a book of 10 customized gift certificates with a $50 value for $500 and we will throw in the 11th free. You save $50...a fantastic value when you consider our great prices already! (and who knows, if the recipient invites you along, you win twice!) Gift Certificates are available in any quantity at any denomination. Discount is only available on a bulk purchase of $500 value.

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