Friday, February 13, 2009

While we were gone.....

While the Owner's Away the Parents Will Play
While Victor & I were away traveling in the Southern Hemisphere, my parents Jim & Marge minded the store (that is the Hotel Charlotte) for us. They're not afraid to exercise their authority, to take charge of things, to run amok a bit even perhaps. Rumors we've heard about what went on while we were away include:

They put Goose on a diet! (Poor little guy looks positively svelt now, hurry in to see him before he replenishes his treats and bones supply.)

Cleaning Binge catches fire... no they didn't burn the place down, but they did start an early-spring-cleaning movement that has continued since our return with Victor shampooing all the carpets in the hotel and at our rental units, poor fellow just got back from vacation and they put him right to work!

Clutter Clearing of a massive sort! Can you believe that on a recent trip to Helping Hands I discover long saved vases of many odd shapes, baubles and bits that I have had for years and a relished relic from high school that I figured would find a place in our home sometime. Upon exclaiming that these were all my items, the generous folks at Helping Hands offered to sell them back to me. Needless to say, I declined.

Apparently Jim & Marge even had guests in each weekend to take part in knock down games of Dominos. Rumor has it the sound of tiles being slapped down on the table could be heard for miles... really for miles!

Anyway, this little missive is by way of saying THANK YOU SO MUCH to Jim & Marge Upthagrove for taking such good care of all things at the Charlotte for us yet again, and to Tony and Linda Flores for keeping them company on the weekends with Board Games in the parlor.

Hugs & Kisses to my folks, Lynn.

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