Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Trivia Finally

Ah, what a show last night. For a game that boiled down to attendance it was a brilliant ending. We very much missed the noise that Amanda and Patti bring to the game as they cheer each of their correct answers....Their team did very well covering the spread between the first & second place folks, had they been here. Alas....such was not the case.

Following the game we had the final awards presentation giving out the $25 weekly gift certificate to the winning team which had the generous Tony, Linda, Shirley, Roy & Rita.

This was followed by the Grand Prize to Jim and Cindi for highest score of the 10 game series. Next Gift Certificates were given to:
Patti for most comptitive,
Roy & Rita for the most team mates (changing it seems nearly every week)
Amanda for the most pouting over questions she didn't like.
These 6 folks made it to 10, 9, 9 and 8 of the weeks and their participation made the game so much fun.

Total Prizes given out for the 10 week program included 10 x $25 gift certificates and an additional $75 on the last day, $325 in all. Much of it going to the regular Groveland players, but we did see some travelers come in and whisk away a weekly prize! Good fun!

Great thanks go also to those who followed the game as much as their busy schedules allowed:
Bonnie and Wayne, Linda, Shirley, Linda, Our friends from Hetch Hetchy....

Put us on your calendars for next season. We will start on the first Monday of March and go for another 10 weeks.


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