Monday, September 14, 2009

Dog named Goose runs for Mayor of Groveland

The Hotel Charlotte dog named Goose runs for mayor. The dog is perfect for Groveland. We can shape the future of our community through a voice someone with some influence might actually listen to, if not out of humor first. What do the other candidates REALLY bring to the table? A dog for mayor is funny, refreshing and a friendly concept to our many out of town visitors, endearing them ever more to Groveland and assuring many return visits and referrals to their friends and family. I can hear it now..."Groveland is so cool they even have a dog named Goose for mayor"

Neither Kay nor Peggy nor Barry need be concerned about losing to a dog, within a week after the finals, nobody will remember who else was even running. Well, they might remember Kay, but Peggy and Barry...don't need to worry. The dog will still love you.

Let's make a difference today. Try something new. Want change, this might be the smallest investment of your life for the greatest return. What if someone takes notice of our town dog for mayor and we really do see some action up here on things we need? What if.....What if everyone who reads this gets online and donates $20 to the cause....We might actually stand a chance against that professional fundraiser Kay. What if you did it right now. Go ahead, make the donation...What if we win?

Committee to Elect Goose Mayor

Only 36 hours remain to final count down....even less by the time you read this...Don't wait another minute.

Besides the Good for Goose, good for Groveland bit, your donation is also good for Camp Tuolumne Trails!

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