Monday, December 14, 2009

Hotel Dog Named Goose works for Groveland

Our Hotel Dog, Goose is a local celebrity and Mayor of Groveland, okay, Honorary Mayor. Between his duties of meeting and greeting Hotel and Restaurant guests he also has a very busy mayoral calendar filled with photo shoots, interviews and meetings. One of Goose's key causes right now is building a community Dog Park and working with our local politicians on getting everything passed and funds raised. Goose's website highlights his activities for this year. The dog park info is on

If you would like to ask the mayor some direct questions, his email is

While originally the Honorary Mayor program was a fundraiser all in good fun coordinated by the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce,, Goose has raised the bar and is an actual working Honorary Mayor, marketing Groveland and the surrounds and supporting important causes. Goose's sponsor is Camp Tuololumne Trails, a special place for kids and adults with special needs. Goose's campaigns have raised nearly $5000 for scholarships and other programs for the camp.

Please contact: Mother Goose at: for stock publicity photos, victory walk in the annual parade and one of his advertising posters for the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce. We hope his little story makes the cut for any media story on pets in the news!

Lynn Upthagrove
"Mother Goose"
Hotel Charlotte
Groveland, on the way to Yosemite

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