Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just in Time for the Holidays, Clock & Stay Package

Clocks! Every where I look there is a clock. Several years ago Victor took up collecting antique clocks. I have taken up trying to sell them. Obviously, Victor is much more successful at his hobby than I am. So, when you do come to the Hotel Charlotte, I hope you will buy an antique clock.

Victor has scoured EBay, Craigslist and has gone to estate sales too. No clock seems to be too far away. One day he even got in the truck and drove to LA. He drove down, saw the clock and was back 12 hours later. With the clock I might add. Another we purchased while visiting family in St. Louis—it's still there, we can't figure our how to get it home!Almost all of the clocks arrive here needing some degree of attention, which is why he gets a good price and I don't fuss too much. Then they go to our friend, neighbor and clock master for fixing and cleaning. Then I start to fuss! Now that the clocks work, the cost basis goes up quite a bit. But all of them are very beautiful, some hundreds of years old. Most from places very far away.

The addition of these clocks along with our consignment clocks has made such a wonderful impact on the aura of the hotel, providing a whole new set of stories to tell. This clock came from Argentina, but was made in Japan. That one is a one-of-a-kind master piece owned by a little old lady who only used it once a week to see if it was time to go to church... Another is a two weight. And isn't this a nice one? A Seth Thomas. I think I will have to learn a little something more about clocks now.

We have taken our previously bare hallway walls on the second floor where the guest rooms are and have added a collection of historic building photographs by Terri Metz sprinkled with a clock here, and one there—all chimeless of course! The dining room has one grandfather clock and 7 wall clocks and with the new fire place and a handful of mantle clocks we found in New Zealand on this year's recipe research trip in a little town on Charlotte Sound, imagine that! I will take oodles of photos and get them on the internet so you can see how cool some of these are. Consider our Clock and Sleep Special. Buy a Clock or a couple of clocks, spending $600 or more and enjoy a complimentary night in the hotel valid November-March. Make buying an antique clock a getaway adventure. Call for details, some restrictions apply. 209-962-6455

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