Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My first post: Highway 140 road closure

There are so many things I want to comment on here, the biggest for those traveling to Yosemite has to be the closure of the 140 route due to the sliding hill. This is devastating for those businesses and folks who live and work on opposite sides of the problem. Mariposa County declared a state of emergency last week, noting they have already last $4million and anticipate this to go as high as $14million if the closure continues through the summer season. Considering the effect our own 34-day Highway 120 road closure had on us earlier this spring, these figures seem somewhat low.

Some of the handling of this event by the news agencies, such as San Diego CBS Channel 8 (http://kfmb.com/stories/story.52470.html) have done additional harm by discouraging visitors to even attempt Yosemite trips with claims that travelers will be disappointed... I laughed when I read that. Surely no one goes to Yosemite for the road they want to enter on, but rather for the glorious experiences that await them on the inside. Why would they be disappointed? Yosemite Falls still fall, Half Dome is still a life-goal, El Capitan is still royal in its massiveness and so on...

This particular story claimed the main entrance was closed and yet failed to offer alternative routes, implying one couldn't get into the park at all. Perhaps this is what the disappointment would have been, not getting in at all. We hope all the news agencys and Associated Press will work harder to get the details right, folks who are traveling to Yosemite and those who live and work in the area depend on them for accurately reporting the facts.

Our hearts go out to our neighbors to the south and we are hoping for as speedy a solution as possible!

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