Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hotel Charlotte weekly specials, 4/18-4/20

This week we have no special event (Cabaret, Murder Mystery...) planned for Sunday, so just come on down for a wonderful evening with friends or family on all the weekend nights, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday!

We have found a new meat provider that gives us some really cool choices, a bit more exotic! In addition to your regular favorites, this week Victor is featuring:

Veal Chop (12oz)with peppercorn sauce $21.95
Veal Rack with peppercorn sauce $24.95
Venison Flank Steak with Argentine sauce $18.95
Lamb Shank, with red wine & herbs
Fresh Corvina Sea Bass with lemon-caper sauce $17.95
Linguini Marinara (vegetarian) $ 9.95
Linguini Marinara with ith Clams or Meatballs $13.95

We really look forward to welcoming you!
Lynn & Victor
Hotel Charlotte
Reservations encouraged 209-962-6455

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