Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday, Tapas & Games 4/21/2008

This week we have a fine menu. Guests can choose three for $9.99 or have a traditional meat & potatoes dinner with selections from our grill:

New Tapas items weekly
___ Spinach frittata
___ Fried Calamari plate
___ Pita pizza tomato basil
___ Olive and cheese plate
___ Veal Ribs (2) with a mustard sauce
___ Fried potatoes with a spicy marinara
___ Shrimp cakes with Thai Chili dipping sauce
___ Tomato & Garlic with balsamic vinaigrette dressing
___ Merguez: Moroccan lamb sausage with hot sauce

We have been trying out some new wine pairings and have received suggestions of a Shiraz to go with Yahtzee, the common Z might make a good blend. Come add your two cents! Bring a friend and a game and hang out for the evening. Short of either, let us help! We have a bevy of games and a few friends to share.

Selections From the Charlotte Grill:
Chicken Argentine with a tangy garlic sauce $13.95
Charlotte “Stake” with peppercorn sauce $14.95
Pampas Steak with a tangy garlic sauce $14.95
New York Steak with peppercorn sauce $19.95
Rack of Lamb with mint jelly $19.95
Filet Mignon with peppercorn sauce $22.95
Grilled Halibut with lemon-caper sauce $17.95
Linguini Marinara (vegan) $ 9.95
Linguini Marinara with Clams or Meatballs $13.95

Coming events: Night at the Races, Thursday, April 24th sponsored by Groveland Rotary as a fundraiser for local programs at the Community Hall. Try your luck on the horses with names like Charlotte’s Harlot, Grey Goose and EXXXcellent!

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