Thursday, June 12, 2008

Save Strawberry Music Festival

Hello all,
Today's Union Democrat indicates that if a new contract isn't signed by June 20th between the City of San Francisco and the Strawberry Music Festival the festival will look to relocate. They are considering locations in Mariposa County.

This festival brings 4-5000+ folks into our area, eating, sleeping, gasing, spending...Twice a year from a Wednesday to a Monday, a huge time span from our usual 1-2 nighters. I imagine the loss of a venue of this size would surely be felt by the local businesses that support this event and the county not to mention all the FAMILY styled fun and music that would be missing too.

The festival has posted a listing of links to get the word out to the City of SF on how important this festival is. Let's all write them a letter and tell them we want the festival to stay here.

Should the city and the festival not come to an agreement, are their alternative locations to host this event in Tuolumne? Let's work together to keep it in our back yard!

Here is the link to the information Strawberry has published: with contact email information at the bottom.

Please help save our festival!

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