Thursday, July 03, 2008

Goose for Mayor!

Our own Goose is running for Honorary Mayor of Groveland. This new title, sponsored by the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce for the 49er Festival in September is a huge fundraiser.

Each candidate is sponsored by a local club or non profit and raises money by selling bribes. Goose entered the race on Monday and earned his first $20 in bribes that same night. Bribers receive a raffle ticket for each $1 of grease.

Goose is sponsored by Camp Tuolumne Trails and endorsed by staff at the Groveland Vet's Office and famed Pet Photographer, Terri Metz, our neighbor Bunny Rose and Carol from Custom Rentals across the street. We welcome additional endorsements.

Goose is running with several campaign platforms the first, and most important is a fire hydrant on every corner. If we can, we will get one for every house! Second on his list of goals is to get dog treats in every store, if we can, every person should carry dog treats.

Goose will make his first public appearance on Tuesday, July 8th and has a fairly open calendar. Please contact his campaign manager Lynn to book Goose. Now that his running has been announced, we expect his engagement time to fill up quickly.

We look forward to seeing you around town!

Lynn, (For Goose!)


Anonymous said...

So, does Goose need a girlfriend? Cutter will volunteer to help him campaign. little sex always sells.

Hotel Charlotte said...

Goose is thinking of taking his campaigne national. Perhaps Ellen would like to run with this? Thoughts?