Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Goose for Mayor: Race updates

Well, this Mayoral Race has gone quite crazy! www.PMLVoice.com has a running commentary. We have Jack submitting on behalf of the Red Baron and GNN, (Groveland Network News) submitting on behalf of Goose....It's all quite funny. I wonder if Ellen DeGeneres or any of them will pick this up. Too Cute!

Goose the Hotel Dog for Mayor. At first we were just running to have a second candidate, winning didn't matter—no one should run unopposed. Now we are really into it with guests leaving us $1 votes every day for Goose. We do a great bribe buBulleted Listsiness when the restaurant is open too!

If you are too far away to stop in to vote, Please, write a check to:

Yosemite Chamber of Commerce
C/O Hotel Charlotte
C/C/O Committee to Elect Goose Mayor
PO Box 787
Groveland, CA 95321

We will place your votes for you. We hope you get as big a kick out of the campaigns as we are!
Lynn & Victor

Hi, My name is Goose, and I approved this message.

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