Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mayoral Race Kickoff!

Monday night's kickoff for the Honorary Mayor race was a hoot! Bribes were bought and sold up and down the lovely patio at the Groveland hotel while voters sipped sarsaparillas under the shade of many umbrellas. Each candidate offered up a unique campaign with many promises and perhaps even a few lies.
  • Kalamity Kay Glaves presented a peppery speech, rich with props and whooo-haaa. Kay is promising a great deal of purple in the town from the road to the water.
  • The "Red Baron" Rossio, having recently struck gold in a shady deal at LGR impressed the crowd with his "simple" campaign offering voters a goose in every pot, a car in every garage, free water and reduced sewer rates.
  • The Dapper Dancing Dog, Goose, performed a series of daring feats from sit, to sit up, dance and even the most dangerous: Sleep! Goose's performance was a treat..... I mean... was accomplished through the distribution of many treats!
  • Pistol Pack'n Pete rang loud and clear with his message of salvation for Groveland—Coulterville will put us on the Map!
  • Luke the accordion playing singing horseback riding cowboy wooed the gaggle with his well versed original songs, black tails and pink clad women.

    It was a fun night and sure to get even livelier on Monday August 11th with the next stump off in downtown Groveland.

    On a "seriouser" note, we would be remiss in not mentioning a bit about each of the sponsors.

    Kay Glaves is sponsored by the Lions Club an international service organization who's focus is on supporting local community events, helping children's causes around the world and working with the blind and vision impaired.

    Red Rossio is sponsored by the Aviation Club who's members have enriched Groveland with their generosity for the annual Holiday Baskets donating and wrapping hundreds of gifts for those in need. The Aviation Club also sponsors Groveland's fabulous summer air show.

    Goose is sponsored by Camp Tuolumne Trails a new camp for those with special needs, built by Jerry and Paul Baker with a great deal of support by the community. The camp just opened this summer with a huge amount of fan fare!

    Peter Schimmelfennig is sponsored by the Shindig Committee, a group that has been hard at work for many years raising money to put a stage in the Coulterville Park. We hope this fundraising effort fulfills their needs!

    Luke Sullivan is representing the Country Mountain Riders, who in the spirit of this "election" are teamed up with the Aviation Club to distribute their earnings to worthy causes together.

    Present at the grand kickoff were some very prestigious folks including:
    Robin Patterson, president of the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce,
    Marianne Huff, President of the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce
    Jim and Jan Knudtsen, Chairpersons of the Committee for a Groveland Dog Park
    And many many other dignitaries including: Tony, Mal, Jerry, Clay, Sandy, Jim, Kim, Paul, CherylAnn, Danny, Peggy, Jane, Barbara, Bonnie, Paula, Linda, Jim..... and the list goes on and on!

    Thank you all for participating and we hope to see even more of Groveland at the Stump-Off on Monday, August 11th in downtown Groveland, 6ish.

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