Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hotel Dog Goose gets his 15 minutes

For such a young dog, barely out of the puppy stage, Goose has gained a level of notoriety far beyond that which should ever be common in a dog. This running for mayor has now made him least between here and Sacramento!

For those who missed the TV show, here are the clips:

When you open the page, use the search box to the right of "video library" and enter Groveland and that will bring up what we filmed today. There are three clips in total

To do this filming we sent out a last minute request for folks to join us at 6:30 am and asked that they bring their signs, cheers and dogs in support of the Candidates. We estimated 50 people, 10 dogs, a cat, a baby and our Parade Grand Marshals, (Kent and Sandy Blankenberg) and a whole lot of fun. Thank you ALL for showing up and hooting up the Festival!

Goose's team of accountants have tallied the tickets and have determined that it will be a very close race between Goose, Red and Kay. We believe that we have all "checked out" the same amount of tickets from James Nagle. Now it is a matter of who sells the most of that last thousand tickets.

Today is the final day for Goose votes and would be a good day to vote. If you can't make to Groveland, you can call in and we will process your votes over the phone. 800-961-7799 or 962-6455.

Goose REALLY wants to be Groveland's Honorary Mayor.

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