Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Time to Vote for Goose is nearing an end

Goose, the Hotel Dog, is running for Honorary Mayor of Groveland!
In an effort to reach out to all qualified voters, Goose would like to remind folks that you don't have to be human to vote. Dogs can vote. Horses can vote. Your pet snake can vote. We will even accept votes from cats.

So folks, don't leave your animals out of this race, they too should have a say in who Groveland's Honorary Mayor is going to be. Please, take a moment and ask them who they would like for Honorary Mayor? Goose, a 4-legged friend to all...or a human.

Just a few more vote notes:
1. There are no age requirements to voting. Let your children have a voice. Teach them about our democratic process. Come on down with the kids and a $1 and show them how voting and money work so well together.
2. There are no residency requirements. Goose is accepting votes from all over the world.
3. We don't care if you are a felon, we will take your votes.
4. There is no end to the number of times you can vote. Nobody to check your name off, no one-voice/one vote, you can all vote many, many times.
5. Being human is not a requirement, please let your pets vote.

If you would like to see Goose crowned Honorary Mayor of Groveland, please send money!
$1 per vote. Checks should be made out to the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce and mailed to:

Committee to Elect Goose Honorary Mayor
C/O Hotel Charlotte
PO Box 787
Groveland, CA 95321

Each vote is $1 and you get a raffle ticket for the 49er Festival's annual raffle with a grand prize: a night out at the Black Oak Casino with dinner at the esteemed Seven Sisters, an overnight stay at the Sonora Oaks and $50 cash to begin play. Second prize (and my favorite!) is $200 Gas Cash and there are many more prizes too! You do not need to be present to win.

We encourage you to vote often and vote generously. Goose is sponosred by Camp Tuolumne Trails, a new venue for kids with disabilities.

Curious as to how the campaign is going? Catch our bites & barks: www.pmlvoice.com/pml/opinions.htm

We hope to win, but there are some very serious seasoned professionals out there who are working the streets every day! It will be a very close race!

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