Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trivia Results, 4/20

Another rousing game. Lots of players this week as we had the 21 bicyclist who heroically climbed Priest Grade or Wards Ferry to get to us from Oakdale. These folks start every year from Livermore with an overnight in Oakdale, then the Hotel Charlotte in Groveland and on to Yosemite for two days and then back to home. WOW! Very impressive. One of their trivia teams came in on a three way tie for third and the other team had fun.

This week the Cindi, Jim, Bonnie & Wayne team again took first place, by 2 points. Congratulations. The spread is now 6 points between the leaders of this team and Patti, but absenses have been announced and that opens the whole thing up to our second tier of players for the Grand Prize money!

Aren't we having fun!

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