Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hotel Charlotte weekly update 6/17

Hello Friends!
Busy little week last week with the Quilt Festival—how very lovely the town looked. I would really enjoy some good photos of the Charlotte and all the festival if any one took any they would like to share with me.... :)
Goose has taken over management of our calendar, and wants you to know about some of the things going on this weekend: (more listings online!)

6/21 Father's Day Dinner Hotel Charlotte Delicious treats this week for Father's Day: Ribs by the slab and Lobster stuffed ravioli, either choice: $19.95 along with our traditional favorites! Special night, regular prices.

Yosemite Chamber of Commerce Monthly Mixer on Thursday, June 25th at the NEW YCC offices at Mountain Sage. All are welcome! Tour the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce at their new setting inside Mountain Sage with visitor Information center. Free program starts at 5:30 and there will be a band!

Goose for Mayor! For Information go to our web site, Bribes bought and sold from the Hotel Charlotte. Come down and vote for the dog! Fundraiser for Camp Tuolumne Trails.

Daily Wine Tasting From 11:30. Wine Tasting until 5:00 daily, and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. In addition to our new lunch hours with the Café Lunch Menu we are now serving from our traditional menu 7-nights a week.


M said...

I'm trying to find out when SR120 switched from Old Priest Grade. That led to your 9 Dec 07 post on the ridiculous routes being generated by mapping services. The Union Democrat link and the Hotel Charlotte link no longer work, but a necessary part of blogging is never look back.

Thanks for taking all that trouble to straighten out the mapping services.

By the way, I was able to get for less than $10 a copy of Paden and Schlichtmann's Big Oak Flat Road to Yosemite from Powells in Portland OR. Just go to and search on title.

M, Stockton

Hotel Charlotte said...

Thank you for your note M, unfortunately none of the fixes we were hoping for have really occurred. We still see big trucks with their internet maps in hand headed up Old Priest (an 1800's built road) vs. 120 built in the 19430's.

I will look the book up. Thanks!