Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dog Named Goose, running for mayor of Groveland!

Only 17 Days Left to Bribe our candidate!

High Noon, September 17th, is the deadline for the 49er Festival sponsored Honorary Mayor Race. The candidate turning in the most $money$ is named Mayor, a very simple process. Dollars are accepted in exchange for raffle tickets with great prizes, like $200 gas cash, a night out at the Black Oak Casino with dinner at Seven Sisters and casino cash and a whole lot more! For every $1 you spend on raffle tickets, a candidate gets a vote and the candidate's sponsor gets funding too. This is a win-win-win program. And if you don't win at the raffle, you might take your receipts to your tax professional and ask him or her about their deductibility.

While the 1st year Mayor, Kay Glaves, has had no demands put upon her by the Chamber in honor of her position, this coming year if Goose is Mayor, he will actually act like one—firing off posts to Arnold and Obama, who he is in contact with already via Twitter. Goose will reach out to people from all over the world acting as a delightful ambassador to this wonderful town we call home, Groveland: The Gateway to Yosemite.

We have taken unofficial counts and the Goose will need a big donor to pull this one off. Kay who had made a lifestyle of collecting money for causes is clearly the leader. Given that she has all day and all night every day of the week to work on the project, it's no wonder. Goose hasn't had the exposure to getting your $ that Kay has had because he works all day, every day, and most the nights too!

This is one of our last chances to ask for your support and you can give it anonymously. We promise we won't tell Kay that you voted for the dog. or twitter us at Stop wishing us luck and come one in to the Hotel Charlotte and put your money down on a result that will catapult Groveland into world wide headlines.

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