Friday, October 16, 2009

Dog Park suffers setback, Goose steps in

BREAKING NEWS! Groveland's New Dog Park suffers a set back!
This week it was learned that the dog park committee, (just a bunch of regular folks who have dogs and want a public place to run them) will have to foot a $1993 bill from the department of Fish and Game before the park can be developed. Mayor Goose will lead the fundraising charge with his paypal donation button. All proceeds donated from this date (October 16th, 2009) until the fee is collected will go to the dog park fees. Please help!

What Goose is up to?
Goose's Birthday: September 13th was Goose's second birthday where he met the flirty Lucy, but at the 49er parade he received a proposal of marriage and has decided that at two, he should keep all romance options open.

Purple Pillar Painting: One day last spring a platoon of pillar painters with pails of purple paint painted my pillars purple to fulfill a promise of Kay's mayoral race. Goose in turn promised to remove this ugly graffiti if he became Mayor of Groveland. We are pleased to announce that The purple pillared reign of Kay has disappeared under a fresh coat of white. Celebrate!

Celebrity & VIP Golf Tournament Dinner: Goose has been invited to his first public engagement as mayor. On Tuesday, October 21st, Goose will make an appearance at Camp Tuolumne Trails for photos and interviews with the Athletes playing the benefit golf tournament. for more details. There will be ample opportunities for press and photographers at this event.

Getting it done for Groveland!

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