Friday, December 14, 2007

Good bye Bob

Bob left us today, December 14th 2007.
Bob was The Hotel Dog and had reached 100 years old, 14 and a half.

We will miss him.
I would really appreciate if anyone has photos of Bob if they would send them to me. I would love to have photos of Bob doing any of his tricks, playing the piano or laying in his wine barrel bed. If you have a personal Bob memory to share, that would be cool too!
The photos I do have are online at, sort of a memory page.


7 ducks said...

So sad. Bob was such a great dog. The whole community will miss him. What will we do with his back scratcher box?

BunnyRose said...

I can't even express how much we will all miss Bob. He was an important part of the Charlotte Hotel. No greeter ever made you feel more at home. He will be missed.

annie said...

Good Bye to a Good Friend

Clever, charming, inquisitive, smart smart smart...
Bob was a GREAT dog!
My heart to you. I will greatly miss Bob too.

I have pictures and will send them along shortly.

with Love, Annie

Silver Vista Studios said...

I am very sorry to hear this Lynn. Bob will definitely be missed.

Now who is going to play the piano?