Friday, December 21, 2007

Priest Grade Update & Online Mapping Services

Online Mapping to Groveland-Yosemite: What Next?

So, test it out. Get on your computer and type in Run a directions search for Sonora to Groveland. Though not perfect, folks are no longer being sent up Old Priest Grade with no regard to vehicle type (RV, 18-Wheeler, pulling a trailer...) Now do the same search with the Google Maps and Yahoo Maps. These two still have the old directions. It could take a year for the new information to filter down into their system. Mapquest, after seeing all our "hooting" about these faulty directions did an uncommon manual update.

We aren't done with this yet! Let's keep up the communication with Google and Yahoo. Let's follow through with all the routes that aren't quite right for our area and get them submitted for review and correction. Especially now that we know change IS possible! Curious about which route should be next? How about Coulterville to Groveland-Yosemite, where folks are sent over dirt roads (Cuneo, Jackass Ridge & Merrell) telling them to turn here and there when none of these dirt roads are sign posted. These poor folks end up in Groveland, mad as heck!

Thanks to the Union Democrat and reporter Rebecca Howe, Sacramento News 10 and reporter Tim Daly and everyone who supported this effort with their own letters to these companies we HAVE made a difference!

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