Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleep Deprived Trivia

This was our second Monday with the restaurant open, and word has gotten out about how fun these nights are. We had our returning champions from last week here, hotel guests working on a project for Hetch Hetchy and a new locals team, Sleepless in PML and some growth in our other local teams bring the game players to 20 (with room for more!)

This week the competition was heavy with folks studying current events and brushing up on Barbie trivia (but I didn't ask anything Barbie, that got a good laugh!) There were math and logic questions this week and the game ended tied. The tie breaker ended tied and we had to flip a coin to pick the winner! Luckily, Dave Purse from Willow Creek winery was here doing a preview for his coming wine maker dinner on April 26th and he tossed in a prized bottle of wine so both tied teams won! It was cool for sure!

Victor always puts out a special, lighter and lower priced menu and adds a few of our traditional items for those who can't live without their favorites. These were this weeks new items:

Baked Rigatoni $10.95
Shrimp Salad $10.95
Sausage & Peppers $10.95
Petite Filet Mignon Kabob $12.95
Fresh Homemade Fish & Chips $10.95
Petite New York Steak & Onions $12.95
Thai Shrimp with Green Curry (spicy) $12.95

So, the standings right now are Cindi, Jim, Rita & Roy at 64 points, Amanda, Patti at 63 points and new comers Stacie, Linda and Victoria at 40. (missing a night affects your cummulative score, so the fewer nights you miss, the better your score will be, but everyone will likely have a night or two off so it will even out by the end...And it isn't too late to get into the game. Total prize value to date: $75.

What a cool thing to do at the Hotel Charlotte in Groveland on the way to Yosemite!!!

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