Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trivia Madness—Monday Mania!

This week's game was our biggest ever with 7 playing teams and two that played, but did not enter the scoring round. We had our two time returning champs Jim & Dan (shy of Glenn, who we learned was clearly an asset to their team)

A two person team from out of town won the game, a young couple who with their explorations of Groveland were able to get some of the answers. Our museum is running a display on historic valentine's day cards and one of the answers was right there, on display: 1913. Congratulations!

So we have had 5 games, three won by visitors to Groveland, two by local teams. The standings are very close for first place. Patti has taken the lead over Jim & Cindi by 2 points but there are several contenders who could step right in should any of these folks miss a night.

We celebrated three birthdays during the game and one of my questions has been questioned! Mary wrote today thinking that a minute of kissing shouldn't burn as many as 26 calories. Her chart showed that it would take a 220 pound person 15 minutes of kissing to burn 26 calories. Hmmmm, Who measures these things?

Emily our trivia waitress handles 40 people needing constant attention very well especially given that we are also playing the Trivial Game. Brilliant work last night Emily!

Reservations might be required next week!

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