Sunday, February 10, 2008

A dog's tale, chapter 2

Today it dawns on me that my Mom and Dad will leave on Tuesday before I can bring the new dog home. I suggest maybe they want to see him and I too am a bit curious if he is feeling better and more tail waggy than when we met him. So I grab Marge and down we go to see the dog.

It isn't until we are half way there that she says something that makes me realize they aren't leaving until the next week and will surely see the dog, for almost a week!

We go anyway, its a cute idea.

The dog is surely feeling better, his tail is wagging far more often. We walk him up the hill and let him go without a leash in one of the kennel runs. All is good and we are returning the dog to continue our errands and who do you think is coming in?

Why Lisa of course, to visit our dog. How funny is that? We all play with the dog a bit longer and laugh with each other. It's a good chapter in this dog's new life.

I am calling him dog because we don't have a name yet. The Humane Society named him Taylor, but he doesn't know that as his name and we will change it. We will give him some time with us and he will likely name himself. Bob sure did, he is named after an old boss I once had. Funny guy, good time boss but would chew all the heals out of my shoes when I wasn't looking, Bob.

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