Sunday, February 10, 2008

A dog's tale

On our way home yesterday we decided to stop in Jamestown at the Humane Society and see what they had by way of Hotel Dogs. Victor has been looking them up on line, but you really do have to go in person to see the dogs. We found a cute rescue dog that is a wire-haired terrier, actually far more wired than Bob was. This dog makes Bob's coat seem like silk! We walk the dog, think about it, talk to the folks there, get a little history...and put a deposit down to hold him. He can't be released until Tuesday as he just had is surgery the day before.

Okay, so it is set, we will have a new hotel dog on Tuesday or will be out $25.

Getting home Marge, (my mom) gives me the messages needing my attention, inlcuding one from Lisa that she has found me a new dog. Go figure! I don't believe we mentioned we were looking, but I guess a good friend just feels these things. So I leave her a message that we have already found a dog, but would be happy to meet her dog. With my luck on these things, I am now envisioning us with two dogs.

Guess what, same darned dog! Lisa works at the vet that did the surgery on the dog. When she saw him she knew he was just the right dog for us. I hope she is right.I am sure his name will come to us after we have had him for a while, Bob's did.

So, here's what he looks like:

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