Thursday, February 21, 2008

Silly Goose, Duck Duck Duck Goose and Grey Goose

The dog's name is Goose. That's right, as in Silly, Duck Duck and Grey Goose. We are going to drive to Tahoe and get some pictures of him on the rocks with the lake behind and put a caption:
Grey Goose on the Rocks. Maybe he will hold a lemon in his mouth at the same time....

Goose is with us now 8 days and doing great. We need to get started on some obedience training as he should have pretty much figured his new setting out by now. He doesn't go in the dining room at all, but does try to sneak upstairs. He seems to like getting caught at that. He has a crooked smile and a scratch-pad brillo coat. The vet said she has seen alot of dogs....but never one like this. I think she meant he was really ugly where Bob was just ugly. As Victor's Mom would say, so ugly, they are cute.

But you know what, it seems those little doggie cocktails (you aren't to call them mutts or heintz 57 any more) are just right natured for the important role of hotel dog.

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