Thursday, February 21, 2008

Judy, Judie, Joody

So many ways to say Judy! and nowhere says it better than Groveland.

Can you believe Groveland has a "Judy" club? All the ladies named Judy (about 30 of them) who live in Groveland are members of this group that meets 3x a year for lunch at the Charlotte. They started a few years ago. The idea was just so very funny back then, and now it's become common to us.

"...Oh, the Judy's are coming..." Anywhere else in the world that might raise eyebrows and lead to questions, here in Groveland, everyone knows about the Judy's.

Crossing many strata that tend to separate us: economics, age, careers, family and more.... this group who's only commonality is that they live in Groveland and are named Judy has continued to meet now for 2 years. They look forward to seeing their Judy friends and having Judy themed lunches and an occasional song or two...

Groveland is so special! We just love it.

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