Sunday, November 02, 2008

Auctioneer or Bidder?

I can't decide which of the two I like better. Auctioneer is like being on a stage, a one man show and has less personal financial cost, but the bidding, yes the that same adrenaline rush as casino games, but for a good cause. No real fundraiser with a live auction should be held without me around. Ohhh, I just love the bid, bump, much does the other bidder want this? Going Going....Bid again....Ohhhhhh. Shooooot, was that too much? Did I miss read? Ahhhhhh sigh of relief as someone again bids higher.

Talk talk, look back at bidding...My goodness, still on the same item? Hmmm, Let me flash my paddle and see what happens......And there we go again fingers crossed that someone comes and out bids us, not wanting to come home and tell Victor too very big of a list of great items we "won"

Now we are on Item 14, one I REALLY want. I am not just playing around here, now I have to psych everyone out and and and and DANG! wouldn't you know it, everyone in the room seemingly wants this item and in a breath goes up to $900. Not even in my ball park, I dropped out at $350, but all is not lost, there is an item 15 to begin the adrenaline again.

We end the night having won a beautiful fall silk wreath, a bouquet of candles in a bird cage, an hour ride in an antique plane and a sailboat cruise on Lake Don Pedro. A good catch!

But most of all, I got to watch a real professional in the actioneer seat and I know now that I don't have a clue what I am doing up on the stage as I play auctioneer in our little 49er Festival, but maybe someday Paul will auction off a lesson or two that I could bid on!

Best of all, when I get home, Victor is waiting up for me! Even though I am an hour later than I had anticipated. Very sweetly he listens to my ramblings as I relive all the highs of the evening.

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