Thursday, November 13, 2008

Immaculate Convection

We had a leisurely morning today with only a handful of rooms to serve breakfast to. Our friend and neighbor stopped by to hang out while his wife had her hair done. We enjoyed coffee and a chat about putting on a NO Monty "Chippendales" styled show, wondering if we are better off hiring professionals from "off the hill" or auditioning from our local bevy of buff buttocks.

Victor is cooking for this weekend, baking fresh pies and adding his 2¢ between pie checks. I head off to the computer to do a Chippendales Touring Show search and Tony goes to visit with Victor in the Kitchen.

Tony and I meet up later and he tells me this funny story about Victor and his pies not cooking, check, no change, checking again, no change, checking and rechecking and finally realizing the oven isn't on. Hahahah.

So we head to the kitchen and I ask Victor if he thinks he is such a good chef that he doesn't even need the oven on to create delicious pies.

He said he was trying for immaculate convection.

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