Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween at the Charlotte

4 Years I have been waiting for Halloween to fall on one of our resaurant nights. November 1st, 2004 I got the "vision" on how to best set it up for dinner guests and for maximum trick-or-treat fun and it took until October 31, 2008 for that day and date to match up with a restaurant night. But the vision was right on! The guests loved it, hundreds of photos were taken and the kids really think our huge barrel of candy with nearly a free for all approach is just the grandest!

If you have been here before, we have a narrow room and a square dining room that are connected. I took the center table out of the square dining room and had dinner guests set all around the room and in the small room. I purchased some glow in the dark foot prints and mapped out a path we wanted the kids to follow so they go by every table in the house, and most of them did.

It was just right and we even got some "thank you, great party" notes from folks that joined us. That's always a good sign. I will post some pictures when I get them from Connie. She was the house photographer that night.

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