Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Wars

Groveland, the givingest town in the world!

For all of our years here in Groveland, we have always taken this weekend to be visiting family in the midwest. Since we don't have an overnight person right now with Nancy up in Alaska, we decided to do the holidays with split vacations. Victor is in St. Louis right now with his family enjoying Thanksgiving and I go next week to Wisconsin where my family will pretend that it is Christmas. So...all this turkey business in Groveland is new to me, but I am totally enjoying the shenanigans!

So here's a story about the turkeys.
Each year the town gives a free Thanksgiving Dinner to anyone who wants one serving on Thanksgiving day from 11am to 4pm Sometimes whole families come, sometimes folks from far away come. All are welcome.

The dinners have been going on for 31 years now with usually 20 turkeys cooked. Yesterday I learned that the turkey cooking job is a coveted position and never given up. Even when one moves away, they "turn over their turkey" to a good friend to tend to for the next coming years. One such person was up to 3 turkeys this way and when the organizers tried to redistribute the birds to others interested in cooking, a to-do broke out. Bird thievery. Why are you stealing my turkeys....? Wow! Who knew the honor of cooking the bird was so grand. Maybe next year I will steal one to cook.

For this year I am signed up to be the Turkey Welcome Girl, TWG. That sounds fun. Maybe I will give everyone a parting Hotel Charlotte mint.

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